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APEI TAX CONSULTING by Roberto Panaccione


Dr Roberto Panaccione in collaboration with the Fusco study following the Agreement stipulated with the APEI  will provide fiscal and tax consultancy services, in favor of the members of the APEI - Associazione Pedagogisti Educatori Italiani - on tax issues, drafting of accounting, drafting and transmission of tax and tax returns, which they will deem to submit to the advice and / or assistance of the mentioned Professional, offering availability and easy availability, by telephone (3337440605; e-mail:  The transmission of the correspondence of documents and documents can be done by e-mail or by ordinary mail.

The parties have agreed  that the Professional is entitled to the pre-agreed fee in the amount of € 240.00 (two hundred and forty / 00) inclusive of tax and social security charges. The payment of the aforementioned remuneration must be paid  by the customer upon receipt of the bill and / or invoice notice.

Roberto Panaccione

Chartered accountant

Tel. 3337440605


Tax consultancy reserved for Members


The professional assignment has as its object the following services:

  • Consultancy and assistance in fiscal and tax matters, drafting of the accounts of the associates

  • Drafting and transmission of fiscal and tax returns.

They are excluded  from this assignment the verification operations  of fakes or other irregularities inherent in any documentation delivered by the Customer without prejudice to normal diligence pursuant to art. 1176 2nd paragraph of the Civil Code

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