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Associazione Pedagogisti Educatori Italiani

The Association of Pedagogists and Italian Educators gathers education professionals from public and private services and  operates in accordance with Law 4/2013.




  • activity of  political - trade union protection  of the category;

  • promotion of the  freelancer  pedagogists and educators;

  • in-depth study and scientific research  in the field of education, training and education;

  • consumer protection and guarantee of transparency of the professional services market.




APEI, like all professional associations, can issue to its members, subject to the necessary checks, under the responsibility of its legal representative, a certification relating to:

a) the regular registration of the professional to the association;

b) the requisites necessary for participation in the association itself;

c) the quality and professional qualification standards that the members have  they are required to comply in the exercise of their professional activity in order to maintain membership in the association;

d) the guarantees provided by the association to the user, including the activation of the counter referred to in art. 2, paragraph 4;

e) any possession of the professional liability insurance policy stipulated by the professional;

f) the possible possession by the registered professional of a certificate, issued by an accredited body, relating to compliance with the UNI technical standard. 

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