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Helpdesk for the protection of Users

Guarantees for Users


Apei for the quality of the services offered by pedagogists and professional educators and for the protection of users


The Apei is committed to protecting the users of pedagogues and educators from any incorrect behavior of the Pedagogues and Educators.


Choose as a consultant, collaborator or employee  a pedagogue or an educator  enrolled in the Association of Pedagogists and Italian Educators means choosing a professional who has  decided to adhere to a precise code of ethics, over which the Association of Pedagogists and Italian Educators supervises.


It is possible to verify that a professional is really a member of the Apei by consulting  the list of members of the Association of Italian Pedagogists and Educators.


Furthermore, in order to ensure that Apei members respect the code of ethics, the association has adopted one  counter for the protection of the user - client, with the task of informing the user - client about the pedagogist's activities, giving information and starting the investigation on reports of violation of the code of ethics.


The Apei, always with a view to guaranteeing the relationship between members and users, customers and employers,  has decided to equip itself with a system of certification of the professional skills of the pedagogist and educator.  


Operate for the verification of standards  the quality of the work of pedagogists and member educators is in everyone's interest: it allows users to contact professionals registered with the association and pedagogists and educators with confidence,  to make sure you are on a list of the right professionals.


For this reason Apei members can ask to obtain the certification of professional skills: a document that certifies  that the path of the individual pedagogist or educator is a path of quality, both in terms of training and the activity carried out.


If you are looking for an education professional as a consultant, collaborator or employee, make sure he has a professional certification relating to the sector of activity for which his work is required. 

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