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Register of professionals, Apei members, divided into two sections: "Professional Educators Socio Pedagogici" and "Pedagogisti".

All members, pedagogues or educators who, at the date of publication of the Register (twice a year), will be in compliance with the Membership will automatically appear in this register.

Pursuant to art. 7 and 8 of the Law 14 January 2013, n. 4, the API  annually authorizes members to use the reference to membership of the association as a trademark or certificate of quality of their professional services, certifying:


  • the regular registration of the professional in the Association;

  • the requirements necessary to be part of the association and compliance with the Code of Ethics;

  • the qualitative and professional qualification standards that members are required to comply with in the exercise of their professional activity in order to maintain membership in the Association;

  • the guarantees provided by the Association to users.

and, therefore, the possession of the specific skills to operate as a Professional Socio-Pedagogical Educator and / or Pedagogist pursuant to  Law n. 205/2017.

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