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APEI is the professional trade association that brings together pedagogists and professional socio-pedagogical educators from all over Italy to promote their professional role in every working environment and operates pursuant to Law 4/2013. ​ 


It was established in 2007 and over the years it has distinguished itself for its political / professional commitment aimed at the legal and cultural recognition of pedagogicals and socio-pedagogical professional educators. He participated in the drafting of DdL 2443 (Iori) and contributed concretely to the approval of Law 205/17 and Law 145/18 which introduce the discipline of the professions of Pedagogist and Professional Socio-pedagogical Educator by defining the working areas.

The APEI is registered with the MISE and can issue the Certificate of quality of the services offered by the members .


The pedagogists and socio-pedagogical professional educators enrolled in the APEI are professionals with precise scientific and methodological skills who intervene in the natural process of growth and development of the person, with a view to lifelong education and prevention.​​ educational​​ primary.

These are professionals  with a Degree in Education and Training Sciences L19 (Educator) and with Master's Degrees LM-50, LM-57, LM-85, LM-93 (Pedagogist) operating in the context of a large number of services and activities, aimed at children  and adolescence to families, to the enhancement of parenthood, to the elderly, to people with disabilities, to minors and adults, taking care of educational processes, training and orientation, formal, non-formal and informal learning.


APEI promotes and disseminates pedagogical culture through initiatives and public events such as: seminars, conferences, round tables and pedagogical workshops; carries out pedagogical supervision; promotes in-depth study and scientific research in the field of education, training and education; promotes orientation and professional training of associates and associates; protects users through the professional certification of associates and associates and compliance with professional practice in compliance with the code of ethics.


In 2017 it organized the first national event of the category in Rome , preparatory to the approval of the professional legal recognition L.205 / 17 paragraphs 594-601.

On a national and territorial level, the Association has supported and promoted the presence of Pedagogists and Socio-Pedagogical Educators in schools in various ways. By the national council, in 2018, it published the " APEI Guidelines on the Pedagogist and the School Educator" - international magazine of Pedagogy "Qualedificazione", Pellegrini Editore, n.91 (May - August 2018).  


He is the owner of the national project "Emergency Pedagogy" , which arose during the period of relational restriction, against the spread of COVID-19. The project saw the involvement of about 600 education professionals from all over Italy.
In August 2020 she signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education for "Activation of projects aimed at promoting education and civil, social and solidarity coexistence, as an integral part of the training offer".


  • carry out activities of political - trade union protection of the category, promoting full employment in all areas provided for by law: educational, training and pedagogical, in socio-educational, social welfare, socio-health services and aids, parenting and family, cultural , judicial, environmental, sports and motor, integration and international cooperation;

  • promote the free profession of pedagogists and socio-pedagogical professional educators;

  • operate in the sense of in-depth study and scientific research in the field of education, training and education;

  • protect the user, through the professional certification, the keeping of a code of ethics and the verification of the professional correctness of the associates.

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